We Manufacture

Our Lithium LifePO4 battery packs are built with the Australian climate in mind.  We built them tough just like the previous products our founder had built for security, law enforcement and military applications.  We mould our own battery cases and lids, which provide armour-like protection for our already toughened cell packs.  We utilise the same plastics technology as employed in aerospace and military environments.  Our cases are impact resistant, fire retardant, self-extinguishing and heat deflective.  We use 100% copper throughout our battery’s electrical components, including terminals, busbars, and other connections.  For our busbar and other connections, we source sheet copper here in Australia, and then partner with another Australian company to laser cut the sheet to our specifications.  Our busbars are engineered to carry the correct amount of necessary current, and more.  Our Battery terminals are produced here in Australia from copper-round bar.  They are cut to size, lathed, drilled and tapped, and finally moulded into our lids by us.

We use zero solder inside our batteries and professionally crimp any wires & terminal connections.  Most of the connections inside our batteries are copper bar, which are bolted together employing lock nuts used in aerospace and military environments.  We drill, tap, cut & install terminals on the raw battery cells ourselves, and fasten them to the busbars using these locknuts.  With these measures in place, it gives the consumer assurance that even in the most rugged of environments, our LifePo4 Lithium Batteries are vibration proof.

We ensure that our cells are all from the same batch, are all tested to be of the same capacity, and all have the same internal resistance.  These factors help to ensure prolonged battery life, reinforced by our extensive warranties.  All this Lab testing is carried out by us in house, with modern equipment, to ensure cells are matched and balanced within each battery pack.  You can also be assured that you cannot build these batteries any smaller, as we have designed them to have no redundant or wasted space within the battery cases.  Hence our unrivalled industry smallest footprint. We only, and strictly, place inside what is needed to make a battery.  No foam, or any other filler, or similar, is present inside R8 Energy Solutions Lithium LifePO4 Battery packs – as has been demonstrated to be found inside other current Lithium battery packs on the market.

Finally, what all that means –

We have designed and produced what has been requested from consumers of these products – a battery that has been designed, engineered, manufactured, assembled and tested in Australia, & built for Australia with…. BIG POWER and a SMALL FOOTPRINT!