For 12 years, our founder at R8 Energy Solutions worked in his own company designing, developing, and manufacturing products that were made for the rough and tumble industries of security, law enforcement, and military. This business successfully sold 1000’s of its products to over 43 countries worldwide.  One of the highlights included winning an international tender to fit out an entire police force in Europe.  As these products were being designed here in Australia, but manufactured overseas, regrettably control of manufacturing faltered.  Our founder stepped away with a view of getting into a new business, with full manufacturing control, and with all manufacturing based locally, here in Australia.

Having previously developed products using lithium battery technology, which included combining with major industry blue-chip suppliers, and working with engineers to develop new and improved products, lithium LifePO4 batteries frequently arose as a topic in discussions regarding innovation.  They were starting to be developed into his products back in 2011, and due to improvements in Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, over other existing lithium chemistries, the move into the battery industry for our founder, was logical, and that’s exactly what happened.

Almost immediately, as soon as he started working in the battery industry, our founder was receiving enquiries from customers needing batteries with Big Power, and Small Footprints.  Regrettably, back then, he had to let them know that there was currently nothing in the market to fit this description.  It was evident that there could be – and should be, and this was the opportunity which got the ball rolling.

This is where the premise of R8 Energy Solutions arose.  Having existing knowledge and understanding of lightweight Lithium LifePO4 cells, their size, and capabilities, it was exciting to establish that a product being requested on an almost weekly basis, was able to be designed, have components sourced, and subsequently manufactured, assembled and tested here in Australia.  The journey began back in 2016 and took 5 years of research and development to get to where we are today.

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